How We Work

We Provide A Safe,  Confidential And  Non-Judgmental  Environment


A Discreet Private Practice

Men and Relationships Counselling is a discreet, private practice where we respect your needs for privacy and confidentiality.

We are not a clinic or a centre, therefore there is no receptionist or waiting rooms.

We have a team of associates available throughout the week Monday to Saturday with appointments available during the day and in the evenings.



Therapy to Match Your Needs

Your first direct contact with MRC will be through our contact  number . The director of the  practice will discuss your needs briefly and determine which location is most convenient for you.

He will then suggest an appropriate MRC consultant to match your needs.

With your permission, he will pass on your contact number to the consultant who will call you (usually within a few hours) and set up your first appointment.

You can book a session via the booking button this website without having to speak to anyone on the phone.


What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

Sessions with MRC are always respectful, non-judgmental and free of distractions.

Our rooms are welcoming, quiet, comfortable, discreet and conducive to the work of healing and change.

We aim to work collaboratively with you over a period of time to resolve issues and concerns that are affecting your enjoyment of life.


First Session

Your first appointment is where you and your consultant can get to know each other, establish a rapport, identify the main issues you want to address and work out a plan for moving forward.

This first session can be daunting for some, however, we will endeavour to make it as relaxed as possible.

At the conclusion you should know if you feel comfortable with the therapist and the plan they have outlined.


Subsequent Sessions

Subsequent sessions and their frequency will depend on your needs and goals. There will be a balance between your therapist listening to your concerns, and engaging in conversation with you.

Expert counselling with one of our team of fully qualified psychologists and psychotherapists can be the first step on your healing journey.

If you like the sound of the way we work and are ready to make some significant changes in your life, then we are ready to help you make those changes a reality.

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