Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about online counselling.

If you need more clarity about these or other queries don’t hesitate to call our enquiry line on:

0449 991 561


What is online counselling?

Online counselling is a live video counselling session using your web browser.

Online Counselling is the same as face to face therapy, the only difference is that you get to have your consultation from the comfort of your own private space. All you need is a computer, a decent internet connection and a quiet private space to begin.


How do I make an appointment for online counselling?

You are welcome to call 0449 991 561 and discuss an appointment time.

Alternatively you can book online now:

  1. Click on the ‘Book an Appointment Now’ Button
  2. Choose at date, day and time that suits you
  3. You will receive an email confirming your appointment and requesting you complete a brief online information form

It’s that simple!


Is it secure?

Zoom is our preferred video platform technology.  Each meeting is password protected automatically within the link sent you by your consultant.


What are the fees for online counselling?

Individual Session – 50 mins – $190

Couples Session – 50 minutes – $210


How long is each appointment?

Each appointment is approximately 50 minutes in duration


Is any special software required for online counselling?

The common browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari support the technology we use for online counselling sessions.


What if my internet connection isn’t working?

It’s very important to test your webcam prior to booking your first appointment. If there are technical problems it’s always possible to continue your session via phone.

However, there are no refunds for any reason if you cannot attend your appointment, technical or otherwise.


Are my online sessions with a counsellor confidential?

As a client of MRC you have the absolute right to confidentiality of your information. You are assured that all personal information gathered by Men and Relationships Counselling will remain confidential and secure.

Please read our MRC Guidelines for more information.


What do I need to be able to do online counselling?

 As well as a private and uninterrupted space you also need one of the following:

  • A computer connected to the internet
  • A laptop connected to the internet
  • A device with a webcam
  • A smart phone connected to the internet


How do I get the best quality connection for my online counselling session?

The video quality of your session is determined by the quality of your webcam and the speed of your internet connection.

For the best audio quality it is recommended to use a headset with a microphone or at least headphones.


Are the session recorded?

MRC Consultants and clients are strictly forbidden to record their sessions without written permission to do so.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your session within 24 hours of the scheduled time the full fee is required


Can I reschedule an appointment?

At the end of your first session you may want to continue some regular sessions in which case you can book future or recurring sessions with your consultant or via our online booking system.


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