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Howard Todd-Collins – Director

M.Couns.HS, Grad.Dip.Couns.HS, Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Consultant 

Howard is the director and owner of Men and Relationships Counselling.

He passionately believes that given the right space and environment, men open up and talk about their  lives in a way that empowers them to take steps to change.

He has a strong connection to the growth of men, with over 15 years experience in designing individual and group programs for men and fathers as well as facilitating human relations groups. At the core of his professional career is the enabling of men to tell their stories plus witnessing them relish the opportunity to be heard and take responsibility to change their lives.

Howard acknowledges that many men don’t feel emotionally savvy enough in their relationships. He offers his clients the opportunity to build more confidence in their communication and expression. He observes a variety of limiting coping strategies that some men adopt including the need to be in control, the tendency to avoid or distract from difficult feelings or thoughts and, in particular, the need to protect their loved ones by staying silent.

He supports clients to clear away limited, negative and destructive ways of responding to difficult feelings. Howard often teaches Mindfulness and experiential, in- session focusing skills to enable men, women and couples to become more psychologically observant, resilient and flexible in resolving their problems.

His aim is to encourage clients to define and act on their core values in order to create a rich, fulfilling and meaningful life. Howard is currently writing a men and relationships blog and is becoming a regular presenter at community forums and events.

Howard consults in the Melbourne CBD and Bayside

Deborah Albrecht

BA (psychology/drama), BEd., Steiner Teacher Trained, Dip. TP Art Therapy, Cert IV T&A, Emotion Focused Therapy Trained.

Deborah works with men and women providing client centred individual counselling – working with narrative, art therapy, emotion focused therapy and mindfulness.

Deborah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Psychology, a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy.

She is also trained in Emotion Focused Therapy, Psychodrama and Mindfulness.

She has an extensive background in teaching as well as a busy private therapy practice. She has worked as an art therapist in community based programs for at risk youth, as well as created and co-facilitated programs specifically for adolescents and their parents.

Deborah’s own search for meaning as a parent, partner, teacher and therapist has given her a passion for healthy human development across the various life stages and life changes.

Her deep appreciation of the human condition means she holds a reverence and wonder for the striving and creativity of the human spirit and the capacity in each of us to grow and overcome adversity.

Deborah divides her time between her private practice, teaching, facilitating groups and continuing her own professional development.

Deborah Consults in Mentone


Men's coaching

Paul Morris – Coaching

International Coach/Consultant BA Psych (Manchester UK)

Paul Morris has been an international coaching consultant for over 20 years. His experience spans across five continents with more than 1,000 training programs.

He has led a broad client base to success including government organisations, high-profile private sector companies , universities, schools and community groups.

His approach focuses upon the human factor in teams, management and leadership. This is a central and significant factor in the conception and development of dynamic, healthy work environments.

Paul believes that the greatest challenge for change lies in the individuals themselves and believes that learning processes are most effective when they are positively challenged.  He has changed the lives of many through innovative and inspiring one-on-one coaching.

After growing up in the UK, Paul lived in Israel for almost 30 years working in leadership roles in bovine management and as a community director. He has also served in a rescue unit in disaster zones.

These life experiences and background in music and theatre significantly shape his life and work today. His resilience, hope, creativity, valuing of diversity and dynamic spirit of engaging with people has benefited many professionals, teams and organisations in managing change.

Paul has recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia and is thriving in a wonderful new chapter and exciting challenge in life. He is building and developing his coaching career to a new audience of professionals looking for a guiding, dynamic and encouraging hand in embracing change.

Creative, perceptive, and collaborative, Paul is lead coach and consultant of MRC’s Men’s Work program where his priority is to empower men in balancing work and life.

Paul understands that a vision for your success is imperative. His coaching style will guide you to discover it and provide you with the strategies to get there.

Paul is available now and consults from the city.


Alicja Wierzbowski

B.A., Grad.Dip.Couns.Psych., M. Psych.(Couns.), Psychologist MAPS

Alicja is a highly experienced psychologist who works with men, women and couples. She supports men in particular, to reduce their need to close off or shut down, enabling them to become more open and expressive. She enjoys encouraging men to think about their issues and gain broader perspectives on how to live their lives.

Alicja sees how some men are extremely sensitive to their emotional lives and can be conflicted in knowing what to do about that. Many men suffer in silence with a limited language to express themselves. Her attention and curiosity allows clients to find their own answers and ideas, encouraging men, women and couples to consider alternate ways of thinking, behaving and solving problems.

Alicja challenges her clients to consider that it’s always possible to change and to explore other ways of being in the world.

She is a registered psychologist with over ten years experience in counselling,  psychotherapy, teaching and supervision. She is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Health Psychologists and offers both short and long-term therapy. In her work with clients she endeavours to discover and enhance their resources so that they become their best helpers. As every client is unique she applies the methods that are most effective for the needs of a particular individual.

Alicja consults in the Melbourne CBD and Bayside

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