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We Understand Men

Men and Relationships Counselling is set up by men, for men and provides a discrete, non-judgmental environment where we help you to discover healthier, more constructive ways of coping.

This will enhance your relationship with yourself and your partner so that you can enjoy life rather than just endure it.

Counselling men requires a specialised understanding of their unique needs.

We Understand Relationships

Relationships can be hugely fulfilling yet confusing and complex.

Sometimes life-events create styles of destructive communicating and levels of closeness, friendship and intimacy tend to change.

At Men and Relationships Counselling we have the skill, knowledge and depth of experience to guide you and/or your partner to take your relationship to new heights.

The Benefits

Through regular counselling with a male or female MRC consultant you (and your partner) will:

A First Aid Kit For Men

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5 Steps To Create & Sustain a Committed, Long-term Relationship

Relationship Tips

Online Courses

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Onlines Courses

Men and Relationships Counselling

An interview with Howard Todd-Collins

Introducing Man Talk

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