Men’s Counselling – The Top 50 problems men fixed last year!

Men's Counselling

Men’s Counselling helps blokes solve a variety of problems.

Last year a heap of men entered my counselling rooms, not all in one go!

They came to discuss problems ranging from specific life events, improving their relationships to changing their personal and professional lives.

This would never happen.

I have often wondered what it would be like if men could watch and listen to other consultations.

They would see they are not alone in struggling to make sense of their lives.

Men’s counselling is of course private and confidential and so it should be.

However here is an alternative way to enter the world of men’s counselling.

Check out a snapshot of the most popular real problems discussed by real blokes!

I’ve categorized them into two lists.

The first list below describes 20 personal difficulties guys have discussed with me.

Men's Counselling

This second list is more specific to relationship problems.

Men's Counselling

It’s no wonder men get stressed and overwhelmed!

Men’s Counselling is great self-care

Men are, in general, notoriously bad at looking after themselves.

The stigma around men’s counselling is reducing. Seeking out support has become more and more acceptable.

Having no stress in life is unrealistic which is why good self care skills and activities are critical to health and wellbeing.

Counselling is a private, safe and confidential conversation with the exclusive goal of paying attention to yourself, your thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes, dreams and goals.

It is surely the ultimate self care package!

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