Men’s Counselling – What do men talk about?

Men’s Counselling helps blokes in all sorts of ways.

Have you ever wondered what issues are discussed in men’s counselling?

In their attempts to make more sense of their lives, blokes discusses a variety of life events, relationship problems and emotional health.

At the core of the conversation is their desire to become better versions of themselves.
Men are not alone in struggling to make sense of their lives.
Many of their problems are similar to the experience of women, and significantly the same for many, many other blokes.

The themes covered in men’s counselling can be categorised in terms of more general difficulties or quite specific in terms of relationship problems.

Here’s a snapshot.

General difficulties

Men's Counselling


Relationship problems.

Men's Counselling

Counselling is a form of self-care

Counselling helps men initially to find ways to stay calm and clear headed through turbulent times.

It’s the kind of conversation that promotes and teaches self care, a critical component of health and wellbeing.

Men are, in general, notoriously bad at looking after themselves.

Too many men end up managing their stress with activities that are numbing, distracting or shaming

Good self care can be defined as follows:

“Self Care needs to involve activities that are nurturing, joyful and create a sense of wellbeing”

Reducing Stigma

Counselling is becoming a more acceptable way of getting support and essentially a space in which men begin to learn more about their capacity to change.
This exclusive, private conversation guides men to pay more attention to thoughts, feelings, ideas, hopes, dreams and goals.

It’s the ultimate self-care package!

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