10 Signs of a Good Dad


Dads are playing a more active role in parenting.

Being a dad requires more than just being a provider and protector in the family.

Men are evolving and embracing a whole load of new skills and values when it comes to parenting.

How do kids view their dad?

Primary school kids in the US were asked to describe what makes a good dad.

They came up with the following:

“A good dad makes you feel safe,”

“A good dad can protect his children from getting hurt”,

“A good dad knows how to keep the bad guys away.”

“A good dad always listens to Mum”

The last comment is interesting and often gets a response from mums and dads alike!

There are common themes of protection and safety that emerge as important factors for our kids.


No pressure guys!

Whilst it’s important to hear about and understand the needs of our kids, it’s just as vital that a dad has a clear sense of his own personal qualities.

How do dad’s influence their kids growth and development?

The idea that dad ‘just being there’ is not enough.

Researchers have developed and defined quite specific characteristics or attitudes of dads in relation to the developmental needs of children.

Helping our kids grow to be resilient, healthy individuals requires conscious engagement and connection.

There is no such thing as a perfect dad. A good enough dad certainly helps our kids emotional development.

Here are 10 signs of a good dad.  In no particular order:


Being a dad is active and engaging.

Men teach kids what it means to feel loved and cared for guiding them to experience a healthy self esteem and a high degree of emotional intelligence.

Many dads are finding out how much they are learning about themselves, their kids and enjoy parenting somewhat differently from previous generations of men before them.

Do you recognise your signs of a good dad?

Which ones do you want to improve upon?

Add your comments below.

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