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Paul Morris is facilitating our Men’s Work Coaching program.

Here is how people are describing his work.


“I’ve been most grateful to work with Paul in various consulting projects. His work is always professional and comprehensive. With Paul’s guidance we have succeeded in carrying out significant changes in the organisation.”

CEO, Yediot Technologies, Manager, Yediot Operations & Technology


“Paul has guided us in a continuing process that left an important impression on our company. He has definitely shown us the path which leads to the place we want to be.

We have had the privilege of knowing a friend, a consultant, a person with a torch that illuminates the spots we had been trying to hide – foremost from ourselves.

Paul knows how to provide ideas for different solutions to the problems we’ve encountered. He has assisted in the challenging decision-making process we’ve had, throughout this journey we’ve taken together.

We’ve been able to determine a vision, core values and personal objectives.”

CEO, Ori Sela’s Water World


“Paul stands out for his dedication, professionalism and unconditional investment in the people with whom he works.

Paul has the ability to quickly identify a range of competencies, strengths and challenges of any person he engages with.

He has remarkable emotional intelligence, together with an uncompromising resolve to empower people, always succeeding in helping them to break through the glass ceiling.”

CEO, Spiral: Management Development and Empowerment



“What has happened here in one day with Paul is more effective for our development than all that has happened over the last two years.”

R&D team member


“After only a few coaching meetings with Paul I’ve succeeded in focusing on the main issues, and on some personal behaviours and patterns which have been holding me back for years.”

Branch manager in an IT company


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