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MRC Coaching recognises the unique experience of men in their personal and professional life.

MRC Coaching is both a mentoring experience and structured process providing men with the opportunity of discovering new ways to change their lives free of judgment and shame.

What Coaching is not?

Coaching is not therapy because it does not focus on emotional healing. However, it can compliment counselling as an addition to the work of personal growth.

The benefits

Coaching will help you to:

  • Identify and define goals
  • Create a concrete plan
  • Support and hold you accountable for your goals
  • Achieve more success in your personal and professional life
  • Connect better at home with family
  • Re-discover passion and motivation daily
  • Learn how to balance your role at home and work
  • Become a better partner, father, friend and man

Coaching Programs


Men’s Work is a 6 step process focusing on men’s professional life, career and personal development.

We are delighted to welcome international coach and consultant Paul Morris to our team of associates.

Paul has extensive experience in working alongside professionals, managers, leaders, and teams in understanding the relationship between our work life and wellbeing.

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