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Welcome. This is a blog for men and those in relationship with them.

It’s full of useful tools, tips and advice for men about emotional and relationship health.

Brought to you by the Director of Men and Relationships Counselling, Howard Todd-Collins

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Men and Fear

The Many Forms of Fear – What are you scared of?

Does fear immobilise you?  Or does it motivate you to act? Maybe it causes you to run away and hide! Lots of blokes are heroes or aspiring heroes. For many a would-be superhero there is generally little room for fear and certainly little room to express fear. Fear is one of those well hidden emotions. Unrealistic expectations Blokes like to Read more

negative thoughts

10 Negative Thoughts Men Struggle To Let Go Of

Being able to let go of negative thinking sounds wonderful! Doesn’t it? If we can resist getting caught up in thoughts that create unbending unhappiness our emotional health and wellbeing will be significantly improved. Loosening our grip on destructive, limiting thoughts and feelings creates a more flexible, happier and relaxed mind. Easier said than done! What kind Read more

men and relationships

Are you solid as a rock?

Many men in relationships pride themselves on being a rock for their partner and family members. Being a strong, reliable partner provides stability in relationships when issues seem to be too big for one person to handle alone. Many guys aspire to be a tough, strong bloke. Solid as a rock! These guys appear as brave, Read more