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Welcome. This is a blog for men and those in relationship with them.

It’s full of useful tools, tips and advice for men about emotional and relationship health.

Brought to you by the Director of Men and Relationships Counselling, Howard Todd-Collins

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Just 8 minutes to relax your busy mind!

Does your mind get so loaded up with thoughts, tasks, people, events, or memories that you become overwhelmed and exhausted? For many of us getting overloaded in such a fast paced busy world is a common experience. Such a busy mind can be disastrous for your health and wellbeing. The impact The most common problems Read more


A Man’s Guide to a Secure Relationship

What does security mean to you in your relationship? Many couples prioritise financial and domestic issues as measures of security. However, the degree to which the connection between you and your partner provides a safe port of call in times of need is an essential factor in the longevity of relationships. How does that sound Read more


How do you know how to be a good dad?

Fathers usually have immense joy, fun, and adventure accompanied by serious confusion, fatigue and stress as a parent! The ‘how to be a father’ information juggernaut is out there. You will find an abundance of websites, blogs, workshops, books, magazine articles, stories, and movies all depicting qualities of fatherhood. However, to a large extent your Read more