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Welcome. This is a blog for men and those in relationship with them.

It’s full of useful tools, tips and advice for men about emotional and relationship health.

Brought to you by the Director of Men and Relationships Counselling, Howard Todd-Collins

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Are you an emotional man?

Lots of men don’t to emotion! They pride themselves on their capacity to fix, solve and pragmatically respond to their lives and relationships. Hey! There is nothing wrong with that! Or is there? For some men, expressing emotion drops down the pecking order of priorities and their mental health, and relationship health suffers. Understanding the Read more


Feelings, Reactions and Men. It’s an unfolding story!

Let’s talk about feelings! Don’t go away! Hear me out! I often ask men to tell me about their emotional life. It’s initially a difficult but essential conversation to have in making sense of their mental health. However, many blokes get comfortable very quickly that they surprise themselves! How would you respond to this question? Read more

Emotionally Available Man

10 Steps To Become An Emotionally Available Man

Are you an emotionally available man? A classic scene that unfolds in some relationships is the following:   A partner, usually the woman, asks her partner “How’s your day love?” as he enters the house. He replies with a moody and grumpy, “ fine!”. He throws down his work case and car keys and heads straight for the Read more