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Welcome. This is a blog for men and those in a relationship with them.

It’s full of useful tools, tips, and advice for men about emotional and relationship health.

Brought to you by the Director of Men and Relationships Counselling, Howard Todd-Collins

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How do men feel about their feelings?

Let’s talk about men’s feelings! Oh no! Not some mushy blog about feelings! I can almost hear the collective groan of men who would prefer to steer away and go back to their screen! Stay with me! Don’t go! Hear me out! It’s difficult, sometimes awkward, I know! You may be surprised to hear that Read more

Men's Anger

What’s hiding under men’s anger?

Do you know which are the most commonly recognised emotions for many men? It’s frustration and anger. When I consult with blokes, many present their first emotional responses to a myriad of challenges in life. Often it’s expression of frustration and anger. Men talk about a variety of issues in counselling such as: Losing a Read more

Men and Relationships

4 Simple Steps To Improve Relationships.

Some men get stuck when it comes to improving their relationship. Many blokes avoid the issues altogether, deny there is even a problem or wait for their partner to try and fix it! This sounds like a rather cynical view of men and relationships in general. However, a startling statistic coming out of the research Read more