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Welcome. This is a blog for men and those in relationship with them.

It’s full of useful tools, tips and advice for men about emotional and relationship health.

Brought to you by the Director of Men and Relationships Counselling, Howard Todd-Collins

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men and emotion

Men and Emotion – It’s just like going to the dentist!

The relationship between men and emotion can be complicated. Sharing emotion is confusing and frightening for some guys. It immobilises them. A number of guys have expressed to me that “talking about their emotions is a bit like going to the dentist”. THE DENTIST!   Cue dentist rant! I hate going to the dentist! I can’t think Read more

Social Media and Relationships

Put your phone down! 5 ways social media harms relationships

At a frightening pace social media and digital technology are enticing us to be more connected and informed human beings. Even our fridges can talk to us! Social media and associated smart devices allow us to pretty much do anything and everything, anywhere at any time, seemingly privately but maybe not always discretely. The possibilities appear Read more

Men's Counselling

Men’s Counselling – The Top 50 problems men fixed last year!

Men’s Counselling helps blokes solve a variety of problems. Last year a heap of men entered my counselling rooms, not all in one go! They came to discuss problems ranging from specific life events, improving their relationships to changing their personal and professional lives. This would never happen. I have often wondered what it would Read more