The World Needs Good Men

The world can seem like a hostile place! That’s a hopeful place to start this post! Our media is saturated with overwhelming stories of war, crime or violence on our doorstep or in some part of the world. The sad statistics In a recent study, the Institute for Economics and Peace found that of the Read more

communication skills

Communication in Relationships – Don’t stay stuck in your head!

Poor communication is one of the most common reasons why relationships struggle. Communication is as much about emotion as it is about intellect. Pragmatic thought and rational communication are of course necessary. We all need to navigate aspects of life in rational and logical ways. The strength to think on our feet and have a Read more

The Courage of Vulnerability – Sharing a Man’s Story

Living with vulnerability is part of being human. There is no getting around it. However, many of us blokes try. Some of the ways we avoid vulnerability include: Controlling our emotions Become distracted with work Strive for material success Pay all our attention on pragmatism Heavily rely on physical attributes as measure of self esteem Read more