Are you really just feeling frustration and anger?

Frustration and anger are emotions familiar to lots of men. Maybe we should have a World Frustration and Anger Day! Many guys express frustration and anger as their first response to a variety of life experiences such as: Losing a parent A rude boss Tiredness Caring for elderly parents Ongoing physical Injury Recurring physical illness Read more

Relationship onflict

How to handle conflict with your partner?

It’s impossible to avoid differences in relationships. However many couples attempt to do so or they get horribly caught up in destructive styles of conflict. How do you and your partner manage conflict? Handling conflict is one major reason that couples to come to relationship counselling. It often gets prescribed by at least one partner as Read more

Men's Counsellor

Howard Todd-Collins – Director

PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Howard is a Psychotherapist, Consultant and Director of Men and Relationships Counselling.   He holds a Masters Degree in Counselling and Human Services and is a qualified member of the Australian Counselling Association. He provides individual psychotherapy consultations to men, women, fathers, mothers, grandparents, young adults and relationship counselling to couples. Howard also Read more