Men's Counsellor

Howard Todd-Collins – Director

Howard is the director and owner of Men and Relationships Counselling. He passionately believes that given the right space and environment, men open up and talk about their  lives in a way that empowers them to take steps to change. He has a strong connection to the growth of men, with over 15 years experience Read more

Men and Communication

Silent Treatment – 4 Reasons Why Men Stop Talking in Relationships

“Communication” is usually the number one problem for a couple sitting on my comfortable counselling couch. A significant feature of this communication issue in the relationship is when a man stops talking. Many men remain silent for too long and this greatly contributes towards the relationship suffering. Silence is not golden Silence happens in a Read more

Men and Communication

4 Ways To Stop Silence Destroying Your Relationship

Silence in a relationship can provide a useful time out. It’s a way to enjoy some space. Silence used to blame or punish is a destructive style of communication. The underlying issues and purpose of silence is described more in this accompanying post entitled Silent Treatment. Silence may be an important way for partners to reflect Read more