Men's Emotion

A Man’s Body of Emotion – Don’t just suck it up!  

  Men need to recognise their emotional experiences before they express themselves. Encouraging guys to make sense of their emotion is tricky. Partly because of their socialisation and subsequent expectations of manhood but also because the language of feelings is complex. See this post to learn more – A Man’s Guide to Emotional Language – 6 Simple Read more

Men's Emotion

A Man’s Guide to Emotional Language – 6 Simple Moves

Men have feelings, most of the time. Men don’t share their feelings, a lot of the time. Emotions act as a guide to our needs, wants and desires. When guys don’t share feelings, their experience of life, relationships, work, family, and more can be shrouded in mystery. It’s extremely common for men to struggle to Read more


21 Reasons Why Men Hide Their Vulnerability

Vulnerability is one of the most powerful aspects of human relationships because it enhances love, empathy and acceptance. Expressing our deepest fears in the presence of someone we trust builds intimacy. However, one of the most deeply held narratives inside the minds of some men is their need to dismiss and disapprove of their own, (and maybe Read more