Men and change

The Mechanics of Change – Acting out of the Box

Guest blog by MRC Coach and Consultant Paul Morris “Be yourself – everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde With all due respect to Mr Wilde, when it comes to change, the nature of the beast is that sometimes what is required of us is to actually become someone else. Or, more accurately, another version Read more

Men and change

Ready for Change or Change to be Ready? – Coming, Ready or Not!

Guest blog by MRC Coach and Consultant Paul Morris It is often said that no one can change unless they’re really ready to do so. That seems to make sense and experience shows to be very true. We can say as much as we like that we wish to change, but often, unless we are Read more

Men and feelings

Men’s Health – Emotional Wellbeing is not just about the F word!

Making sense of emotional health can be tricky for men. Getting all touchy, feely drives many guys away from understanding their emotional world! How do you measure your emotional wellbeing? Defining Emotional Health The Mental Health Foundation defines emotional health as: ‘A positive sense of wellbeing which enables an individual to be able to function Read more