Men's coaching

Paul Morris – Coaching

Paul Morris has been an international coaching consultant for over 20 years. His experience spans across five continents with more than 1,000 training programs. He has led a broad client base to success including government organisations, high-profile private sector companies , universities, schools and community groups. His approach focuses upon the human factor in teams, Read more

Men and counselling

Dispelling the myth that men don’t talk – 8 counselling conversations with men

Men’s counselling conversations focus on many themes and tools. We don’t always have the tools to fix our lives by ourselves . Men in particular have many obstacles to seeking counselling help. A full description of these obstacles can be found here. Many men do enter counselling and will sit and talk about a variety of Read more

Men and counselling

8 Reasons Men Avoid Counselling

Many guys avoid counselling until they really, really need to speak with someone, and even then, they struggle to accept the need for help. Men will experience relationship breakdown, loss of jobs and homelessness before they seek support. The number of male suicides is still ridiculously high. In 2014 here in Australia there were 7.8 Read more