What do Chocolate Bunnies and Matzah have to do with anything anyway?

Chocolate bunnies are one of many Easter foods gorged by millions at this time of year. So too is matzah the traditional unleavened bread of Passover. What can we glean from these festivals apart from the extra calories? Over the past number of weeks many people have participated in religious and cultural ceremonies enjoying family Read more

Men's emotions

A brief guide to Emotional Freedom

The thought of emotional freedom conjures up a mind completely unburdened from negative thoughts and feelings. A mental state of nirvana! Many Eastern traditions and practices provide the opportunity to cultivate this mindset, including yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice. If you explore these practices and the positive research into their impact you will find they Read more

Men and communication

Are you listening carefully? – What happens when you don’t?

Men’s expertise and efficiency at finding solutions makes us feel proud and useful. There is nothing quite as satisfying as completing a project, task or providing the best advice to our loved ones. It comes as no surprise therefore, that we are left a little flummoxed when faced with our partner’s emotional distress and we Read more