Men and inadequacy

Men and inadequacy – 6 ways to fail in a manly way

Many men measure their self-esteem in terms of their ability to find solutions to fix problems. The role carries a double edged sword. It places men in a vulnerable position when it’s just not possible to complete the task adequately because some things in life can’t be fixed. Failure Failure is normal and necessary. It allows us Read more

Change and men

Heart Man – Changing Men

There’s not enough good news making the headlines around the world. An awful amount of the negative news have men at the centre of the story. Men of power There are men headlining our media with political influence, religious influence, financial influence and social influence. Some of these men shape the world in which we Read more

Mums and dads

A message to Mums and Dads

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. It’s also one of the toughest because parenthood is such an emotional roller coaster ride. Most mums and dads have to find ways to take care of their emotional experiences to cope with the ups and downs of parenthood. Every day I Read more