Men and thinking

Where do you put your thoughts? – Part 1

I’m going to generalise a little! We men like to organise, fix, solve and put stuff neatly in their place. (There are many man caves beautifully systemised and ordered, similar to a well-stocked tool shed!). When it comes to balancing our thoughts and feelings most of us have a kind of filing system of the Read more

Men and thinking

Where do you put your thoughts? – Part 2

Men generally compartmentalise their emotions in order to protect themselves from feeling vulnerable. Emotional compartmentalisation involves shifting your focus to a situation and suppressing feelings that emerge. It’s when we push difficult feelings aside, sweep them under the carpet and move on. A blokey term that encapsulates this is “suck it up and move on”! Read more

Men and emotion

Do you need to strengthen your emotional muscles?

Tough Men Many blokes like to see themselves as strong and tough. Maintaining physical fitness is a really important activity for our overall wellbeing. I remind myself of this every time I feel my face reddening, sweat pouring and gasping for breath at the gym! Being strong and tough, however, seems to cause great confusion Read more