Men emotion and intimacy

Men, Emotion and Intimacy

Men and women share the same desire for connection physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Would you agree? However, in defining their own masculinity some men can, over their lifetime, lose emotional connection with themselves and others. Men’s role models Men’s relationships with other male role models, particularly their own fathers, tends to shape their experience Read more

Men and feelings

To feel or not to feel. That is the question!

There are 3 questions I regularly ask men! Not just any man, men in therapy! Which feelings do you share with your partner? Which feelings do you not share? Do you accept all your feelings as being helpful? The complexities of the mind, and in this context it’s the male mind, often means that these Read more


What’s emotion got to do with it?

Lots of men pride themselves on their capacity to fix, solve and pragmatically respond to their lives and relationships. There is nothing wrong with that! However, some men’s emotional lives drop down the pecking order of priorities and their mental health, and relationship health suffers. Our level of emotional intelligence naturally gets tested as life Read more