Stuck relationship

How to stop your relationship from getting stuck

Congratulations! Your relationship is doing its job if it teaches you how to manage the various differences that show up between you and your partner. Relationships get stuck from time to time. Problem is we can sometimes get stuck in our reactions to these differences and a kind of deadlock or drift emerges. For most couples Read more

A man's song

A Man’s Song – by Kym Faehse

A good friend gave me a poem her partner penned recently. It seems to capture the essence of manhood. What is a man? I hear you ask …. To answer that question Is a serious task. A man must be big As big as his heart …. To make it bigger A journey he must start Read more


How to control Anger

Angry behaviour such as aggression and violence needs limits and boundaries. And rightly so. If a situation gets out of control, managing  behaviour is the first port of call and men need to take responsibility for their actions. A common anger management approach is to teach people how to step back, calm down and examine Read more