6 simple ways to save your relationship

Destructive patterns of communicating and behaving gather momentum in a struggling relationship, sometimes for weeks, months and years. They become engrained as a way of relating to your partner. There are 5 common, highly destructive  patterns of relating that most partners fall into when their relationship is in trouble. They are: Blame or Dominate Withdraw Read more

Why men can’t always fix themselves?

As men we pride ourselves in fixing things, being a handyman or jack-of-all-trades. It’s a mind-set that is both incredibly worthwhile but can create all sorts of difficulties. Some problems are not easily fixed and solutions don’t come neatly packaged with Ikea like precision, which of course is debatable anyway! I have met men who Read more

Welcome to the Men & Relationships Blog

What’s this men’s blog all about then? This blog is about men, relationships, the mind, (mine and yours!) men’s minds in particular but not exclusively, and enjoying a meaningful dialogue about the human experience. I hope to avoid jargon and self-promotion. There are enough links surrounding this blog to help you with that! The stories Read more